What exactly is a Real Estate Market Analysis and why would you need one?

A Market Analysis is just that. An overview of the market and market trends that leaves no mistake as to what price your home should be listed at.

We have always laughed at the idea that some agents provide you with information on 10 properties and expect that an analysis of that scope would suffice. IT DOESN’T.

A True Market Analysis includes:

  • active properties (your competition)
  • pending properties (trending prices)
  • sold properties (historical data)
  • Enough data where even YOU don’t have to guess at the price, and after your review of the data included, the Realtor doesn’t have to even tell you a range. Anything short of that is just fluff. The data should not be overwhelming, just informative.
  • Market Analyses should and will be performed as often as needed when your home is on the market.

We are happy to provide you with a TRUE Market Analysis.