The Buying Process

Buying a house is one of the most important decisions that you make in your whole life. You should prepare a checklist when you are searching for a house. Irrespective of the amount of time that you have saved in getting yourself ready for buying a house, the questions related to home buying might be never-ending. Following are some tips that would give you the idea about the procedure of buying a home.

Your Buying Checklist!

The simplified Process is outlined here:

    • Meet with me to discuss your real estate goals
    • Get pre-qualified for a mortgage
    • Find an attorney to represent your legal interests
    • Go see some Houses
    • Place an offer to purchase with a 1% deposit check, and negotiate to agreement
    • Formally apply for your loan
    • Time for the building inspection!
    • Sign a formal contract, and submit the balance of the deposit
    • Call movers to get estimates
    • Loan approved, let’s firm up the closing date
    • Call utility companies to obtain service
    • Close on your home
    • AND MOVE IN!!!

    Please don’t let that list worry you. We are here every step of the way to guide you in making the best possible decisions. We are experienced and have sold homes so benefit from our knowledge and expertise. We won’t steer you wrong.

    Start looking at homes in the mean time by clicking to search the Multiple Listing System (MLS) Property data.