Mortgage Prequalification Calculator

Everyone wants to get an idea of how much home they can afford. While this handy calculator is no substitute for a professional, (we also offer Mortgage Brokerage Services).

Use the handy pre-qualification calculator below, it should come in handy to give you a rough idea.

Next, figure out how much you are comfortable spending each month. Surprisingly, your number will often times be similar to what the bank approves you for. We’ll talk about that when we get together, and I am able to give you a pretty good idea as to whether the bank will agree with your desired payment range when we meet.

Then we’ll check out the current interest rates. They do fluctuate from day to day and from bank to bank. There are many good rate resources and remember, DO NOT shop around for mortgages with lenders using your social security number. It winds up costing you in the long run. I’ll explain all that in person.

Here’s one of the other big questions I get all the time. Exactly how much are closing costs? Well, they can vary greatly, but you can expect that costs can range anywhere from 2 to 4% of the purchase price.

The Truth In Lending statement that you receive from the bank when you get your loan will always err on the side of caution, and it’s generally an over-estimate. I can show you how to shave thousands of dollars from your closing costs in a variety of ways, but for now, while you are researching, just figure on 4%.

Sometimes, we can get the seller to contribute to your closing costs, too. That’s something we’ll talk about in person and Lets Get Started!
*Note: This information is provided as a resource and is NOT endorsed by Lincoln Heritage Realty.